"I have just spent about four hours playing on the Strad and I can only say one thing, THANK YOU and it's FANTASTIC."

"Andrew has transformed the way my Goffriller cello sounds and feels to play. His attention to my individual preferences combined with his excellent ear and instinct for bringing out the best in my instrument makes him the ideal luthier. I regularly bring my cello to him for sound adjustments, including a new bridge, new soundpost, and all major repair and maintenance work."
- Leonard Elschenbroich, soloist, Berlin.

"Having had a chance to look at what you've done to my Guadagnini more closely I just wanted to say thank you for an absolutely wonderful work of art. The violin looks stunning and how you managed to get it to how it looks now is quite incredible. You really are magicians."
- Susanne Stanzeleit.

"Big thanks and much gratitude for the superb work on the Lafont del Gesu!!! It sounds magnificent!!!! Of course immensely powerful but also incredibly round, lush and very even."

"My viola is said to have been made in 1650 by Jacob Rayman. It is beautiful in appearance and very rare, yet it's sound was not optimal. After much investigation, the conclusion was that the neck, during the past century had moved to an unfortunate position, the bassbar was quite far from any useful spot, and the instrument would have to be opened, which is always a serious matter. In November. while attending the 2009 Tourte conference in London, I learned of Anneleen Fairfax - van der Grinten. She came highly recommended and I left the viola in here care. Three months later, when I returned to London, I was extremely pleased with the results. Anneleen's fine work has made my dear Jacob Rayman viola sound as gorgeous as it looks."
- Marlow Fisher, soloist, Los Angeles, USA.

"Thank you so much for your remarkable job on my Gagliano, it sounds wonderful!"
- Victor Dernovski, Concertmaster - Orchestre symphonique de Mulhouse, France.

"Anneleen and Andrew's recent restoration work on a 1717 Daniel Parker violin left me absolutely speechless. Major cracks became invisible, the table was brought back to its original shape, the sound became beautifully focussed, flexible and incredibly even. The Violin now plays with the beauty and depth of an 18th century masterpiece while being as reliable and uncomplicated as a new instrument. Absolute magic..."
- Boris Kucharsky, Principal Teacher, Yehudi Menuhin School, Prof., Guildhall School of Music and Drama.

"The Rocca is sounding absolutely wonderful after your restoration. I have played it quite a lot and find it a most inspiring instrument, with a huge range of colours."
- Laurits Th. Larsen, CEO, Larsen Strings, Denmark.